Latest News

3/30/13  Launched new website

3/15/13 – Working with printer (in Japan) to produce the Photo Contest Calendars

2/15/13 – Acquired HIGHCARDS.JP web address; working on the English website.

1/16/13- Received confirmation that CLC (Oakland, CA) has committed to providing financial and prayerful support for our project for the next three years.  Priceless.  Thank you friends at CLC !!!

1/07/13 – Finally received our Long Term Resident Visa.  This will allow us to be in Japan long term.

12/29/12 -Just returned from 14-day Tour of Japan. Took JR Rail pass from Tokyo to Nagasaki to Sapporo.  Also visited Tojimbo and Sandanbeki cliffs, beautiful ocean-facing cliffs that attracts many tourists and suicides.  Learned a great deal from the trip

12/14/12 – Trained university students how to use the HIGH cards to communicate their thoughts and feelings.  We gave them each their own deck to take home and keep, with the understanding that would try the cards with at least two others.  Received great feedback from the students the following week.

11/17/12 – Returned to US (90 day tourist visa ended) to meet with friends and family, and also to bring back warm clothes to Japan.  Was able to share about the HIGH cards with Newsong.

11/06/12 -Received an abrupt awakening at 3:30am a few weeks ago, with a clear idea to produce a tool to help people communicate where they are emotionally, and how they got there.  I got up and designed playing cards (like poker cards) with words to represent people, influences, emotions, and solutions.  They are bi-lingual (English and Japanese) to help work through some language barriers.  Also working on buildings sets of cards in Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Spanish.  First set should arrive from the printers by Friday.  We will test them out with students, counselors, Pastors, and others.  Initial feedback has been incredibly positive.

10/31/12 -The last 9 weeks have been a whirlwind, getting kids into school, finding a house to rent, moving in.  So many good people have helped us.  Unbelievable.

8/21/12 – After 19 months of listening, deciding, and preparing, our family arrived in Tokyo; the real work is about to begin.

8/19/12 – Said goodbye to many wonderful friends and  closed a chapter on life in Irvine, California, and the US.  Grateful for the support and encouragement offered by dear friends.

8/16/12 – Escrow closed on our house; sold our remaining car.

8/5/12 – Sharing about the project at Crossroads in Mission Viejo, CA.

7/15/12 – Sharing about our calling and project at CLC in Oakland, CA

7/1/12 – Attending weeklong JEMS Mount Hermon Conference

6/25/12 – Applied for Long Term Resident Visa at Japan Consulate; should know if approved in three weeks or less.

6/24/12 – Shared Project origins with Sunday morning friends at Newsong  (

6/19/12 – Shared Project and vision with group from Catalyst (thanks Ross)

6/15/12 -Put our house (Orange County, California)  up for sale.

6/10/12 – Have made decision to move family to Higashikurume around August 20th.

6/08/12 – Shared project development and goals with important support team , Sola Dei, of Newsong

5/31/12 – Returned from Scouting trip to Japan

5/30/12 – Shared project goals and tactics with University students.  Received great response, encouragement, and more invitations.

5/27/12 – Shared project with a congregation in a Tokyo

5/25/12 – Scouted Tsukuba as possible sight for initial project launch.

5/22/12 – Heading to Japan for “scouting trip”.  Goals: Network with contacts in Tokyo; investigate housing; investigate school options; continue strategizing

5/7/12 – Project article posted in JEMS journal –

4/30/12 – Online donations now activated (see Donations tab)

4/28/12 – Received important documents for Japanese visas

4/13/12 – Received new passports for our children

4/11/12 – Met with key project partners in Honolulu

4/10/12  – Received our first project donation. It was from a dear supporter in Hawaii (mahalo!)

3/30/12 – Just received confirmation that we have been accepted as a JEMS affiliate ( This allows supporters to make tax-free contributions to this project. 🙂

3/24/12 – Applying for new passports for the children

2/17/12 – Receiving affirmations and guidance while at IHOP -Kansas City

2/15/12 – Uploaded Project intro video.

2/12/12 – “Heart for Japan” gathering – several responded wanting to know more about this project.

2/10/12 – Completed Project video.  Will add to website soon.

2/9/12 – Working on project video for “Heart For Japan – Gathering”

2/8/12 – Meeting with Leader of Newsong Japan

2/7/12 – Working on project video for “Heart For Japan – Gathering”

2/2/12 – Last day of working for F&E

2/1/12 – Registering for weekend at IHOP Kansas City

1/31/12 – Registered to attend Mount Hermon Conference (

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